Kathy A. Halamka - Art at Unity Farm
One Wish
a thousand little wishes
Wishing transcends cynicism, and trumps rational thought. Every day, each of us makes countless wishes large and small, whether they are … for the traffic on the way to work to be less …for your best friend to recover from cancer… for your coffee not to spill on your new shirt…or for the newest world conflict to resolve peacefully. Add up all the wishes happening around the world at any one moment and you might find them to have a power of their own. People have always sought ways to give their wishes a physical presence. These were often infused with a sense of community and celebration, or could be intensely personal and private. With the global community, you will find wish topics online in blogs or social networks such as Facebook. Some of these can provide a sense of anonymity paired with the frankly exposed. “a thousand little wishes” were brought to life in collected fragments of text, tiny drawings and objects meant to be respectfully touched and shared as visitors traveled through the installation.